Lodge Update

It is with a very sad heart that we share with you this update. Both weather and a severe shortage of skilled workers and laborers have delayed the Lodge completion beyond our forecasts.  Our team is partnering with our contactor now to provide Mt. Lemmon Lodge team members, family, and friends to work onsite to help complete our beautiful lodge.  Work is progressing up to seven days a week to speed construction along. Although we are behind schedule, we are pushing hard for the earliest completion date possible. We will be sending out monthly updates on the Lodge to keep you up to date on its progress. This project has been tough, but we know it’s never been easy to build on our rugged Sky Island. We are committed to bringing you the best lodge possible. We are still so excited to share the magic with you and your family. We continue to work hard on all the little touches to surprise and delight you when you arrive. We appreciate all the love and support from everyone as we continue to bring this dream to life.

Yours in Service, The Mount Lemmon Lodge Team